How to Submit Claims:  

Paper Claims (CMS 1500, UB04, PM160)

 Mail Claims to:

EASY CARE MSO's Clients (IPA and Hospital)
ATTN: Claims Department
3780 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 530
Long Beach, CA  90806
Electronic Claims :


Office Ally
Payer ID Code: ECMSO

Direct EDI:

Please call our IT Department: (562) 888-1415

Web Portal Submission:

Please fill out our Web Portal Provider Application Form to request access to our Provider Web Portal.  
For any questions regarding the form, please contact Provider Contracting at (562) 888-1415.
Time Frames for Submission: Filing deadlines
Medi-Cal, Commercial and Medicare: 90 days (unless the contract states otherwise)

Non Contracted
Medi-Cal- 1 year from the DOS. Reduction will be taken at 7th month
Commercial- 180 days from the DOS
Medicare- 1 year from DOS

Medi-Cal and Commercial  Providers:

Provider Disputes must be submitted within 365 days from the initial EOB/Correspondence in order for the claim to be reconsidered.

Please mail the provider dispute to:

ATTN: Claims Dept./Provider  Disputes
3780 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 530 
Long Beach, CA  90806

Medicare Providers (NonContracted): Provider Disputes must be submitted to the IPA/Medical Group, at the address listed below, within 120 calendar days after the notice of initial payment determination.

Items that may be filed as Provider Disputes include:

Underpayment (payment less than the Medicare fee schedule); or disagreement about our decision to make payment on submitted procedure code or down coding. You may submit your second level written request to the Health Plan if you disagree with our decision on your first level dispute by mail within 180 calendar days of written notice from us, or within 30 calendar days from the time we’ve received your request if you have not heard from us. Denials due to coverage determination and medical necessity determinations are not subject to provider dispute process . These items must be submitted as provider appeals.


Medicare Non-Contracted  Provider Appeals:  Provider Appeals must be submitted  to the IPA/Medical Group within 60 calendar days after the receipt of notice of initial determination/decision. Providers who wish to submit provider appeals to the IPA/Medical Group must also submit a signed Waiver of Liability statement holding the member harmless regardless of the outcome of the appeal. Refer to Medicare Managed Care Manual, Chapter 13, Section  60.l.l.

Level I: Provider Dispute/Provider Appeals Address:

ATTN: Provider Dispute/Provider Appeals 
3780 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 530 
Long Beach CA 90806


- Easy Care MSO LLC Provider Dispute Resolution Request
- Waiver of Liability Statement

Level II: Provider Dispute/Provider  Appeals  Address:

Alignment Health Plan
Attn: Provider Claims Appeals 
PO Box 14010
Orange, CA 92863-9936
Anthem blue cross
Attn: Appeals and Grievances Department
Mailstop: OH0205-A537
4361 Irwin Simpson Road
Mason, Ohio 45040
Fax: 1-888-458-1406
Blue Shield of California 
Appeals & Grievances Dept.
PO Box 927
Woodland Hills, CA  91365
Brand New Day
Attn:  Claims Department
P.O. Box 93122
Long Beach, CA  90809
Blue SHield Promise
Provider Dispute Dept.
PO Box 3829
Montebello, CA  90640
Central Health Plan
Appeals Dept.
1540 Bridgegate Dr.
Mail Stop 3000
Diamond Bar, CA  91765
Easy Choice Health Plan
Appeals & Grievances Dept.
PO Box 31368
Tampa, FL  33631
Molina Healthcare
Provider Dispute Resolution Unit
PO Box 22722
Long Beach, CA  90801
United HealthCare
Appeals Review
P.O. Box 31371
Salt Lake City, UT, 84131-0371
Fax: 1-317-715-7648